For Desire or for the Dough?

What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

Today I was doing the daily Facebook check-in. That one where you don’t post anything, you just sort of look around and see if anyone has posted anything interesting lately. Well I stumbled across a link that one of my best friends, Keren, had just posted from Zen Pencils, a website that gives inspiration through the form of cartoons. 

For all of the college students our there, or even high school seniors, we all know that one question that has this strangely irritating way of always being brought up: “What do you want to do with you life?”. Personally, I have been in the position with every answer of “I have no idea” to “Well… I think I would really like to do…”. 

As a college student, I finally understand the long standing joke “poor starving college student”. A  majority of people begin feeling the pains that come with fiscal responsibility. The real world experience of being on ones own can begin to cloud the thoughts about what someone REALLY wants, what they are passionate about. Instead, a sort of panic takes over, and makes a person worry more about how they are going to pay for this or for that. How will they afford to travel, or to buy that dream car. The list goes on. Students all too often do not consider what they really want to do with their lives. Instead of considering what a person may enjoy or be gifted at, as humans we automatically ask that question “well can I make a living doing that?” or “How much do you make?”.

Well how about this: What if money wasn’t an issue? What if you could do whatever your passionate about? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Well Alan Watts decided to ask and give you some logic as to why you should do what you want for once. 


Mr. Watts points brings up a very good question: What do you REALLY desire?

To me you have to have desire in order to have passion about something, and vice versa.

I am passionate about my horses, that is why I had the desire to go to school for them. I also have a passion for the written word, leading to my desire to become a better writer. I have a passion for knowledge leading to my desire to always try knew things. I can not imagine walking through life not doing anything that I had a passion for. My desire to live life to its fullest would be gone.

So what is it you are passionate about? What do you desire to accomplish? Do you want to more about a subject? Then learn about it! Find an expert. Read. Google. One day you may just find yourself knowing enough to actually do something with it. Who knows what may happen. The first step though is figuring out what you desire to have or do most in life, despite the obstacles that lie in your path. 

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